To place an order

There are three steps in the process to begin tapping into the powerful marketing tool of mass mailing


The Order Process

  • Phase I
  • ● *Must be completed 30 days prior to first mailing date*
  • ● Request order form in E-mail or by phone.
  • ● Return completed form as an attachment in an E-mail.
  • ● Also attach text and photo.

  • Phase II
  • ● You will receive an E-mail with the list counts for zips.
  • ● List approved, your invoice will be E-mailed.
  • ● Production of mailer will begin upon receipt of payment.
  • ● Credit cards are accepted through PayPal with no need to set up     an account.

  • Phase III
  • ● A proof of your mailer will be created.
  • ● A copy will be sent to you for editing/approval.
  • ● Approve and electronically sign final copy.